Mind Yourself, اپنا آپ پہچانو، By Qari Hanif Dar

Mind Yourself , this clip show the importance of self of a human being ,as man is chosen one , who knows values of his self he knows the status of his creator, we should focus at our inner self to maintain it ,, #qarihanifdar#islam#Quran#hadeth#history#humanity#Allah#God Source

Reasons of leaving religion

I will never blame anyone for leaving organized religion. So many people are deeply traumatized by negative experiences resulting from being part of religious communities. The fact is that many religious people don’t understand their religion and often act against its core tenets. In my experience the best way to deal with religion is to … Read more

From The Hellfire To the Light of Islam

FROM DARKNESS TO GLOW Surprising travel logs of a new Muslim, Nassir bin Jabir who was in search of real Islamic Faith; described by Qari Hanif Dar, translated by lala sehrai. I belong to an Israeli immigrant family, now inhabitant of England; I stand forth amongst my siblings, being the most junior but most beloved … Read more

شریعت یعنی پانی تک جانے والا رستہ

  اگر شریعت نام ھے پانی تک جانے والے اس رستے کا ،، اور پانی تک جائے بغیر کوئی چارہ بھی نہیں اور پانی پئے بغیر سکون بھی نہیں ،، تو روح کی پیاس بجھانے کے لئے ایک فطری تقاضہ ھے کہ انسان شریعت کو اختیار کرے شریعت پہ چلے تا کہ اس کی ذات … Read more

probability المصادفہ PROBABILITY AND SCIENCE A typical misconception about science is that it can tell us what will definitely happen now or in the future given enough time, or what would certainly have happened in the past, given enough time. The truth is, science is limited in that it does not grant absolute truth, but … Read more

The Path to Water (الشریعہ (

Islam Admits of no separation between Religion and Life ,it also can,t stay away from the affairs of the State and the rules of Business,according to our faith, Hazrat Muhammad peace be upon him is the last among a long list of Prophets including Prophet Moses p,b,u,h ,and Prophet Jesus,p,b,u,h,,All the Prophets received Exactly the … Read more