Reasons of leaving religion

I will never blame anyone for leaving organized religion. So many people are deeply traumatized by negative experiences resulting from being part of religious communities. The fact is that many religious people don’t understand their religion and often act against its core tenets.
In my experience the best way to deal with religion is to stand on your own feet. Go your own way and don’t be too dependent on others. Stay away from people who make you feel unhappy and guilty. Be particularly careful with leader types, they can put a spell on people, imprisoning them in their thinking. They like followers. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. God is not a heartless bully. He knows when you are sincere and in the end everything is between you and Him. God has created this world to test souls and He knows that life here is full of difficulties and challenges and that it is impossible for human beings not to make mistakes. God is forgiving, merciful, and compassionate. It is people who are often not.