The Path to Water (الشریعہ (

Islam Admits of no separation between Religion and Life ,it also can,t stay away from the affairs of the State and the rules of Business,according to our faith, Hazrat Muhammad peace be upon him is the last among a long list of Prophets including Prophet Moses p,b,u,h ,and Prophet Jesus,p,b,u,h,,All the Prophets received Exactly the same revelation,but only in the case of Islam,the Message was received and transmitted faithfully ,and has remained uncorrupted and undistaorted .Its the duty of every Muslim to live according to the dictates of Allah,s w t(Quran) and the practices of Holy Prophet (sunnah) the two combined from what we call Shriah.
literally the word ” shariah” means , the Well-worn path made by camels, leading to the watering place . Shariah thus is in effect the path or pattern which Muslims are required to follow in their lives. The shariah mistakenly has been defined as Islamic law, its the way to water,just as water purifies and gives growth and development to all creation, so the shariah gives growth to human relationships and to our development as ” trustees of God”.
To qualify to be a Muslim one simply has to practice Islam , in order to reach ” Water” there is just no escape from the "Path” …. The concept of "secularism” is built on the belief that Religion is purely personal matter , whereas Islam is based on Inter-personal relationships among humans who happen to be God,s chosen rulers of this planet !