A Lady Doctor,s Plan For RamaDhan !
?Plan, not to hav delicacies.. But to let ur wife b out of kitchen so she too can worship more
?Plan, not to finish the Quran in 30 days.. But to understand what u read.
?Plan, not to attend sumptuous grand iftar parties.. But to attend more prayers in masjid.
?Plan, not to rest all day since ur on fast.. But to carry on every activity tht u otherwise wud, with a smile on ur face
?Plan, not to show the nonmuslims how ‘weak’ u get during Ramadan.. But to show them how ‘strong’ ur faith in Allah can make u.
?Plan, not to eat ur stomach full at iftar.. But to share ur food with ur neighbors and ur poor brethren as well.
?Plan, not just to giv charity.. But to giv charity secretly without any1’s knowledge. It has a better reward than showing off.
?Plan, not only to be a gud muslim in ramadan alone.. But to continue it thru d other months too.
?Plan, not only to note down recipes for iftar.. But to note down duas for benefit of urself n others.
?Plan, not to spend all shopping money on costly Eid clothes.. But to save sum money n buy clothes for ur poor neighbors/brethren who cant afford it
?Plan, not only for this Ramadan.. But for ur life in the hereafter.
I want to be the first one to beg Forgiveness before Ramadhan arrives. Sorry for all the pain i caused in ur Heart and Sorry if u Cried anyday Because of me, im Sorry if i intentionally or unintentionally ignored you.Sorry if you Heard anything bad from me through someone else or sorry if had I said something bad about u to someone … Ramadhan is Approaching, It’s better to clear our souls so that our Fasts shall be Accepted In Shaa Allah ! Ya Allah please grant us all hiddayat, imaan and patience..